Droid Incredible 4G LTE Unlock Bootloader, Root Access and Custom Recovery

Verizon finally released the latest version of the Droid Incredible series in early July 2012, with the addition of features that support Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. Although this phone recently released, but HTC already allowed unlocking the bootloader via HTCDev, so now there are many developers who are interested to take advantage of the capabilities of this device. Of course it is good thing for those who like to exploit their smartphone, now it’s possible to install a custom kernel, ROM, or even overclock Droid Incredible 4G LTE’s CPU.


Unlocked bootloader is the main requirement to start out mods this phone, so you can get root access and install a custom recovery. Fortunately HTC has allowed it, you only need to register in HTCDev.com to get the file “Unlock_code.bin” sent via email. We must say thanks to the developers of xda with username hasoon2000 who have made toolkit for Incredible 4G LTE, this tool has the capacity to unlock the bootloader, acquire root access as well as installing custom TWRP 2.1 or another recovery you desire. For more complete guidance and support, you can follow the official guidelines from the developer here.

Update : Now HTCDev revoke Droid Incredible LTE capabilities to unlock bootloader, this toolkit seems unusable to gaining root access for now, till HTCDev support this device again later.

droid incredible 4g lte root

Image Credit : hasoon2000 @xda-developers


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