Root is available for Verizon Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge via one-click PingPong app

Just like the other variants, now we can root the Verizon Galaxy S6 (SM-G920V) and S6 Edge (SM-G925V) using one-click app and without triggering KNOX bit counter, so that we can remain calm after rooted, as the warranty isn’t voided. The superuser privileges could be the beginning of active Android development for this device, because although the bootloader still locked, there’s a possibility for Safestrap recovery, just like the Galaxy S5.


As we know, an easy yet powerful one-click app has been released by a developer (idler1984) from xda forums, it’s called PingPong root which offered as apk file (app installer). The tool created specifically for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, though not all variants supported, but we were lucky because the tool supports most of the US released devices including the Verizon Wireless variant.

You need to know that root access will eliminate several features, one of which is the Samsung Pay, but perhaps we could outsmart it by installing root cloak. But until now Xposed Framework isn’t not yet compatible with Android 5.0 based TouchWiz that exist in every Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge stock firmware.

vzw galaxy s6 edge root

Image: Samsung / Verizon Wireless

To get root on the Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge and original S6 with PingPong app is not too difficult, since we only need to install the app and install some data.


Here is an overview on how to apply it:

  1. Download the latest PingPong app and install it.
  2. Open it and it will try to install a root management app, SuperSU.
  3. Now open the SuperSU for the first time, it will show an error message since you don’t have root.
  4. Back to PingPong and tap Download data button, it needs data connection.
  5. Once done tap the ‘Get root’ button.


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