Claim back root on D85110m for T-Mobile LG G3 with Stump app

Right after Samsung’s devices that have gained mass software updates such as the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, now the update also comes to the T-Mobile LG G3 with software version D85110m. The 10m firmware version is the first OTA update for this smartphone, sad to say there are no significant changes in it, because the OS version remains same – Android 4.4.2 KitKat. So if you are expecting to get the Android 4.4.4 update, you might be a little disappointed this time, however, running the most up-to-date official software isn’t a bad thing, let alone root can be obtained on D85110m software for T-Mobile LG G3.


The changelog for 10m software is similar when compared with other TMo devices, it only enables T-Mobile Free In-Flight Texting features, this update also makes the LG G3 become the first LG devices that support Gogo services. So, no need to delay until you land when you’d like to send text or picture messages and also access the TMo visual voicemail. But the best thing is, it’s free of charge, thanks to an exclusive partnership between T-Mobile and Gogo.

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For those who desperately need superuser privileges for various purposes, you don’t have to be concerned, since the 10m doesn’t include security patches or new kernel, so there is still a chance to claim back root access.

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Easily regain root on D85110m version for T-Mobile LG G3

Before you download and apply the OTA update, make sure that the device running stock condition to avoid issues during the process of upgrading. Here is the procedure that you can do, let’s assume that your phone running initial stock firmware (10c), unrooted with stock recovery.

  1. Take the official OTA upgrade 10m.
  2. Get the Stump app by jcase (Stump-v*.*.*0.apk) and install it on the G3.
  3. Run the new installed Stump app, hit the “Grind” button, then reboot your phone when it asks for it. If you are unable to use the Stump app, or the app detects your device has been rooted, it means the device has used it before. For your information, the Stump app can only be used one time, to utilize it again, you have to restore your phone back to fully stock with KDZ ​​or tot file.
  4. Once stump successfully re-root your phone, download SuperSU and let it set up the su binaries for you.

For those with custom recovery (TWRP), there is an easier procedure for you, by flashing the ZoneROM (stock, rooted, odex) over 10c firmware without losing your data and settings (dirty flash). Remember to flash the modem/baseband from 10m firmware over it, since it’s not added into the ZoneROM.


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