How to: T-Mobile LG G3 (D851) root and install TWRP recovery with PurpleDrake tool

A few days ago, T-Mobile users might be a bit jealous of the other G3 LG users, since other US variants (Verizon and AT&T) have managed to get superuser privileges with the help of easy root utility such as towelroot IOroot. Both devices are now able to get the most out of this phone by removing some unwanted bloatware apps and even customize the phone look and feel with G3 TweaksBox.


Maybe some of you already know if the T-Mobile variant of the LG G3 (D851) comes with an unlocked bootloader, this should make this device easier to get rooted. But the reality is different, some well-known root utility are unable to provide superuser privilege on this device. But today, their wait is over because a new root called PurpleDrake has been released, it’s developed by a senior member of xda – thecubed. This tool is able to give your T-Mobile LG G3 root access easily, even your lady can do it.

Not only root access on TMo LG G3 which you can get by using the Full version of PurpleDrake tool, it will install a custom recovery (TWRP) and also prevent the LG root checker from showing your device as Rooted. But if you are just interested to gain root, the dev also released the lite version too.

  • A computer running Linux or Mac OSX, Windows version just around the corner!.
  • Get the TMo LG G3 USB drivers for your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Grab the PurpleDrake utility packed in zip format, choose the full version not the Lite version.
  • Enable USB Debugging, so the ADB command can work well.
tmo lg g3 root twrp

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One click T-Mobile LG G3 root and install TWRP custom recovery

Before performing the procedure below, it’s better to backup important data, just in case.

  1. Unzip the PurpleDrake package.
  2. Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable, ensure to set the connection mode to PTP.
  3. This utility can be run on almost any OS like Linux, Mac OSX and Windows (coming soon!). Of course, every OS utilizes a slightly different method:

    chmod +x

    Mac OS X:
    Just double-click on “purpledrake_osx” file.

  4. Now let the utility do the rest, but read carefully every instruction you get on the screen. You will also be given an option to install the custom “boot.img” to disable LG root checker.
  5. Once done, you need to instal SuperSU app to manage the superuser requests from other apps. Your T-Mobile LG G3 (D851) should rooted now, just verify it using Titanium Backup or other utility.


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