Easy how to: AT&T Galaxy Note 3 root after MJ5 update with Kingo

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900A) has got an official update via OTA to MJ5 a few days ago, since software update usually brings performance enhancements and bug fixes so many user simply accept then install the update, it wouldn’t be a problem for regular users, but this could be a problem for users who have their Note 3 rooted. The software update will clear away any mods we have made to the system files, including the root exploit so we will lose root privileges for a while until an unspecified time.


But luckily there is an app that allows us to regain root on AT&T Galaxy Note 3 after MJ5 update, the app called Kingo Android Root, which is the universal root solution for the dozen of Android smartphone from several well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, etc. The Kingo app has proven to grant root privileges on another Note 3 variants such as Verizon and Sprint devices running the latest firmware, and now this app supports the AT&T variant. In an effort of gaining superuser access the Kingo will work automatically from device identification (to determine the right exploit files to use) until the execution process of the exploit.

att galaxy note 3 mj5 reroot kingo

There’s no specific requirement for those who want to use the Kingo app to root AT&T Galaxy Note 3, you only need to provide a Windows-based PC/Laptop with Note 3 (SM-N900A) device drivers installed. Below are the in-depth guide on how to do it.

  1. The right device drivers are required, so the PC can easily recognize and connect with your device, actually the Kingo could do this automatically, but in this case a manual drivers installation is highly recommended.
  2. Before rooting, your phone must be well prepared, make sure your battery is sufficient and don’t forget to enable USB Debugging.
  3. Grab the latest version of Kingo Android Root here and set it up on the PC.
  4. In the beginning, the app will ask you to connect AT&T Galaxy Note 3 to the PC via USB cable, avoid using a USB 3.0 slot. Once connected properly then you will be able to see the device models and root status.
  5. kingo android root at&t galaxy note 3 mj5

  6. Now click the ROOT button to start the rooting process. Once the rooting process is completed you will see a success or failure message.

If you get “Root Succeeded!” message, your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 running MJ5 firmware has root now. You are able to continue your passion to do a mod on your device.



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  1. Matt
    January 3, 2014 at 2:19 AMReply

    worked perfectly. knox is 0x0. root works and Kingo no longer collects your IMEI and stuff

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