AT&T Galaxy Note 3: Keep root after MJ5 software update by using SuperSU

AT&T Galaxy Note 3 has been getting software update to version MJ5 not long ago, right after several other variants that have previously been getting updates. There are several users are a bit hesitant to take the update since to this day there’s no official information from AT&T about the update changelog. Furthermore another reason that makes Note 3 users think twice before they accept the update, which has the possibility to get rid of root privileges. We believe you should take out your doubts since we can still keep root on AT&T Galaxy Note 3 after updating to MJ5 software version.


To be able to keep root, we are going to use the survival mode option on SuperSU Pro, so if you are still using the free version of SuperSU, head to Play Store and purchase the pro license, it’s worth of money and you could help the developer. Beforehand, the SuperSU’s survival mode is reportedly working to retain root on the Verizon variant of the Galaxy Note 3, so it’s truly worth trying. We need to retain root access before we accept the OTA update, so for those who accidentally upgraded their devices to MJ5, then we can still regain it by using Kingo app.

att galaxy note 3 keep root mj5

Here are some quick steps you have to do to keep root on A&T Galaxy Note 3 with MJ5 firmware, this is a fairly easy method so people who are not familiar with Android development also can get it done.

  1. Make sure the root still works well on your device.
  2. If you have previously removed/froze some bloatware/pre-installed apps, now you need to install it again or unfroze it. This is performed to avoid problems when installing updates, since in most cases it will make the update failed when there is some bloatware apps are missing.
  3. Open SuperSU app, don’t forget to buy the pro license via the Play Store considering that only pro version has the “Survival mode”. Go to Settings section, Unmark “Enable Superuser” and ensure “Survival mode” is marked.
  4. Now its time to update AT&T Galaxy Note 3 to MJ5 firmware, if you don’t get a update notification, you can force it by go to System -> General -> About -> Update. Wait for the download and update installed, your device will reboot after completed.
  5. Once fully boot up, now open SuperSU Pro again, now check “Enable Superuser”.

Your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 with MJ5 should have root now, try to make some backup or remove bloatware by using Titanium Backup.



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