Will Sprint and Verizon pick up the Xperia Z ?

Xperia Z is the new Sony flagship smartphone that makes worldwide news and get most attention at CES. Many Android fans might have to wait for this smartphone, including our friends in the US. As you may know the Sony’s Smartphone products are less popular in the U.S., to date, only AT&T is carrying Sony’s latest Android devices, while Verizon Wireless only picks up one product – the Sony Xperia Play.


Most smartphones available in the U.S. is an unlocked GSM version, so even though there are no U.S. carriers will pick up the Xperia Z , AT&T and T-Mobile users will still be able to use the unlocked version that could operate on the 4G LTE network.

xperia z availability in usa

Many folks in US are also expecting to use the Xperia Z on Verizon or Sprint networks, it could happen if the two operators pick up this device and you can get it with a contract. Unlocked version can’t work on the CDMA network, so to be able to work well on the Verizon Wireless or Sprint network, Sony need to produce a device that has the right 4G LTE bands and CDMA radios.

There are some users who said that they would switch providers just to be able to get this smartphone, Verizon and Sprint have to consider bringing more Sony Smartphones to their users, they have to start carrying a Sony leading phone, and Xperia Z would be a good start.



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  1. Nicky
    March 4, 2013 at 3:55 AMReply

    Please sign these petitions.


    Post it on your differents social pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc and help with it. Let your friends know about it too please. The Xperia Z is going to be one of the best phones on 2013 and Sprint need to get it. Also if Sony want to get a chance to has the best 2013 phone they need to bring it to all the carriers.

    Thank You

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