Wi-Fi Hotspot with FoxFi now working on Verizon Galaxy Note5 running Marshmallow

For Verizon subscriber, the old unlimited data plan is very precious, since they can use fast and unlimited mobile internet connection on their device wherever they are connected to Verizon networks. Unfortunately, Verizon gives restrictions to this plan, including blocking the wireless tethering feature (Wi-Fi Hotspot) executed by an app like FoxFi. It was experienced by some users of the Samsung Galaxy Note5 (SM-N920V) at the end of 2015.


At that time, the FoxFi Hotspot feature suddenly stopped working and made some users Galaxy Note 5 very frustrated, since FoxFi is the most popular tethering app and only this app had previously managed to enable Wi-Fi tether on this phablet device and the other Android smartphones. Several attempts have been made by the user, such as looking for the alternative apps, but nothing functioned.

A couple of months have passed, a good news finally came after Android 6.0 Marshmallow update released for this device in March 2016. Some users reported that FoxFi Wi-Fi Hotspot feature now functioning again with Galaxy Note5 on Verizon unlimited data plan. However, there is a small percentage of users who have not managed to do so, though it has been updated to Marshmallow due to SSID issues.

vzw galaxy note5 tethering foxfi

Device image: Samsung / Verizon

Once updated to the Marshmallow that released in March 2016, make sure the device software is also updated to version N920VVRU2BPB2, so that the free Wi-Fi tethering can work without problems on your device.



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  1. Dave
    September 28, 2017 at 9:55 PMReply

    Hi. do you know of a way to get the wifi tethering to work with Verizon Note 5 that has the latest update? Foxfi is no longer working.

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