Sunshine tool now support HTC 10, Unlock your bootloader and gain S-OFF now

Although HTC 10 was just released a month ago, but the powerful S-OFF tool – Sunshine, works with with this flagship phone. This could be good news for power users, since they do not have to wait much longer to mods their devices. Sunshine tool officially supports HTC 10 starting version 3.3.4, it’s just released recently by its main developer, Justin Case or also known as jcase from xda-developers.


For those who have no idea about this tool, Sunshine is a utility which helps you to unlock the phone bootloader without HTCDev and it’s compatible with almost Motorola and HTC phones. Especially for HTC devices, the tool can also help you to gain S-OFF (every single HTC devices are shipped with S-ON). For beginners, unlocked bootloader is enough to flash and run custom recovery like TWRP, custom ROM (like CyanogenMod), and a tweaked kernel.

But for geek, unlocked bootloader is not enough, these people want full control over the device with S-OFF. Once you acquired S-OFF, you have the additional power to flash radios and custom Hboots. Additionally, you can also modify the phone’s properties like CID and MID, it will let you convert your device to different variants, for example converts carrier-branded device to an unlocked device. Until now, all of HTC 10 model, especially USA variants have been compatible, with the exception of the Verizon wireless variant.

htc 10 s-off

Device image: HTC

The Sunshine tool for HTC 10 is not free, however, you only have to pay the license when the tool confirms that your phone is unlockable. The Sunshine tool cost only USD 25 per device, and it’s worth with the benefits you will get later on, such as full superuser access or experience the latest Android OS release immediately via custom ROMs.

To try the Sunshine tool for HTC 10 you can directly go to its official website and download it from there.



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