Sony Xperia Z3 functionality that will be lost once the bootloader is unlocked

For Android enthusiast who love switching ROMs or simply wish to always get root access on Xperia Z3, an unlocked bootloader is a crucial. Because of that, we can have full control over this phone’s software, ranging from switching the stock recovery with CWM or TWRP, replace the original Sony ROM with the AOSP-based ROM to feel the true Android experience. The good news is Sony has allowed some Xperia Z3 variants to be unlocked via its official site.


Unlocking your phone’s bootloader is not without risks, one of the biggest challenges is the warranty most likely will be voided. Other than that, the DRM keys will be lost once you unlocked, the removal of these keys may affect how the phone’s hardware works, including but isn’t limited to camera functionality.

Following are some of the features that will be dropped from the Sony Xperia Z3 after you lost DRM keys due to the unlocked bootloader. The list is reported and confirmed by the Sony Xperia Z3 users over xda forums:

  1. Advanced camera functionality (low-light processing).
  2. Sony Bravia Engine (X-Reality, Super Vivid, Noise reduction and Sharpness filter).
  3. Audio Quality (reduced sound quality and volume)
  4. S-Force Front Surround Sound.
  5. Sony Entertainment Media.
  6. Play Station 4 Remote Play.
  7. Sony MirrorLink and Miracast.
xperia z3 unlocked bootloader issue

Image: Sony Mobile

As you can see, when the device is unlocked, you may lose some of exclusive Xperia high-end features. You need to remember, once it’s unlocked, there’s no way to re-lock it. Hopefully there is a method that allows us to get root on the Xperia Z3 without unlocking the bootloader.



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