Official ICS Update for Sprint HTC Evo 3D CDMA Now Roll Out

After waiting quite a while Sprint finally released official ICS update for HTC Evo 3D CDMA, this update is the long-awaited by their users since they have been promised will receive an update to Android 4.0 in early 2012 until then re-scheduled for early August 2012. The updates can be done via Over The Air (OTA), you will receive updates to 2.89.651.2 firmware version with Sense 3.6, the 305.76 MB file can be downloaded via Wi-Fi connection or any available data connection.


This update brings massive changes since built based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich which have significant differences from Gingerbread. Moreover HTC Sense also received updates to version 3.6 you may wonder why HTC doesn’t provide an update to Sense 4.0, as described previously all devices which get an update to ICS will only receive a sense update to 3.6, simply because Sense 4.0 only works on HTC One series and Evo LTE. Some other additional features that users will get includes better camera experience, face unlock and resizable widgets.

Official Sprint HTC Evo 3D ICS

Image Credit : HTC/Sprint


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