Motorola Unlock Bootloader Website now Live, only supports few devices

Although it left behind competitors such as HTC and Sony which has permitted to unlock device bootloader, Motorola also released official website to unlock the bootloader. However, not all android phones or tablets are supported by this tool, to this day Sprint Photon Q 4G LTE is the only supported devices, but they promise more devices will be supported soon. This can be good news for their users, an unlocked device will permit users to gain root access, install a custom kernel/recovery and flash custom ROMs.


Unlocking the bootloader only recommended for advanced users, since you have to install the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and fastboot on your PC. In case you still want to do it you need to know that unlocking the bootloader may void your device warranty and remember after receiving unlock code your warranty will still void even if you’re not using the unlock code. In addition, the device will also will not be able to play DRM protected contents (watch rent movie from Google Play Store) and your device might be lose the ability to perform encryption. Head to Motorola Unlock page to learn more.

Credit: Motorola Unlock My Device


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