Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE Kernel Source is out, ready to mods

Motorola Photon Q (Asanti) are likely to be “developer device” since it is currently the only device that is supported by the official Motorola unlocking tools, other than that although these phone was just released a week ago, but the kernel source has been released. With unlockable bootloader and kernel source out, will make developers easier to build custom ROMs, kernels, recovery even making this device to be overclocked.


In my opinion, with all of that would make this phone become more powerful and grab Android updates faster than other devices. Maybe we’ll be able to experience the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) faster and able to make it more stable than other Motorola phones, even though the ROMs aren’t the official release from Motorola. This cell phone is great for those who love to customize their device software or flasholic who likes changing ROMs every day, with these features provided by Motorola, Sprint Photon Q 4G LTE (XT897) can be purchased for only $149.99 with a 2 years contract from Amazon.

photon q kernel source

Image Credit : Motorola / Sprint


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