Motorola Atrix HD gets official OTA updates (77.12.22), better battery life and Wi-Fi

Motorola is finally hearing their customers to provide an update to Atrix HD, now they are releasing firmware version 77.12.22.MB866.ATT.en.US via OTA that brings several improvements to increase your android phone’s experiences. If you feel that the battery drained very quickly, you may expect to get a better battery life on this official OTA update.


For those who regularly take advantage of camera feature, you will notice a huge improvement such as improved low light performance, sharper color and much better noise reduction. Wi-Fi connection also improved, if you get a weak signal on campus before, likely after installing this update can help you to get a stronger Wi-Fi signal.

atrix hd mb886 77.12.22 update

Image Credit : Motorola / AT&T

To get this update you have to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you will get a notification message for new updates, if you don’t get a notification you can check into Settings > About Phone > System Updates. After notification appears, select download and install once the update downloaded successfully. For those of you who still don’t get the notification message or maybe can’t find good Wi-Fi networks around, you can still manually update Motorola Atrix HD to 77.12.22 build by using RSD Lite software, you only need download the official stock firmware 77.12.22 ( here. For those who never used RSD Lite to flash the firmware, you should check out a guide to install stock firmware on Motorola devices.



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