LG dropped Multi Window feature on LG G5

The LG Multi Window feature could help you with multiple tasks like composing e-mail while browsing the web. Even though it’s not a core feature of Android at that time, but it’s had been used in many smartphones, especially on a device with large screens (above 5 inches). It’s become a standard feature for LG, since almost all LG phones have a bigger screen. However, it seems it does not apply to the new LG G5, because the Multi Window feature has been disabled out of the box.


If you often use this feature you may be slightly disappointed because they do not enable Multi Window on the LG G5, although some other features such as, QSlide and QuickRemote are still there. With a large screen and powerful hardware specs, this flagship device certainly will be able to run multiple applications simultaneously without any significant problems, including the Multi Window mode.

But you do not need to worry because most likely Multi Window feature for LG G5 won’t be lost permanently, since the upcoming Android N will have this feature built-in. We do not need additional third party app, it will run on the OS level, so it could be faster, less bugs, less resources, and support more apps.

lg g5 multi window feature

Device image: LG

Currently, the LG G5 has been supported by Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, just one level below the upcoming Android N. So, this LG flagship phone will certainly be able to get official Android N updates, though there’s no exact time about it.



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    How to enable volte in lg g5

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