Leaked Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update running on Motorola Atrix HD ?

There is good news for anyone who can’t wait to run Jelly Bean update on theirs Atrix HD (MB886), you can find a picture showing an Atrix HD is running Android 4.1 with build date Sun Oct 7 12:40:39 PDT 2012. Possibly the phone is running a future official OTA update, the current firmware isn’t yet available to the public since it’s still on the experimental stage.


Although the current update is only available for Moto’s software engineers, but who knows maybe someday we will find leaked Jelly Bean update spread out on the web even before the official update released by Motorola, as happens in Droid RAZR M XT907.

leaked jelly bean att atrix hd

We all know, Motorola has officially announced that the Atrix HD (MB886) will get official Jelly Bean update, sadly they don’t let us know the exact time when this smartphone will accept it, but most likely won’t be quicker than RAZR HD family which will receive an update before 2013. Even though it would get the update in 2013, but at least root access is enough to make their users joyful, what we need now is unlocked bootloader so we can install any custom ROMs on this android device.



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