HTC One A9 asking for password after restart – Android 6.0 new feature

Have you ever been asked to enter a password to decrypt the HTC One A9? This often happens when you restart the phone. If you are in this situation, you are required to enter your 4-digit PIN code in order to decrypt then gain access to the phone. After entering the correct PIN the Android robot will be show up and the device will be booted up. You can take a look at the Security Settings to change the PIN in case you forgot it.


As you may know, this phone was shipped with Android 6.0, the latest version of the Android OS. There are several major improvements brought by Marshmallow, one of which is related to privacy and security. Redesigned app permission is one of them, now you can turn the permission on or off for your entire installed apps, you may also deny any kind of permissions requested by the app while keeping the app running.

Regarding, a password request to decrypt HTC One A9, it’s most likely one of the Marshmallow features. According Android Compatibility Definition Document for Android 6.0, a device that come with Marshmallow and have the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) crypto performance above 50 MiB/s, the full-disk encryption must be enabled by default after the user has finished the setup. If you have not specified a passcode or it is disabled, the system will use a default passcode.

htc one a9 ask password restart

Device image: HTC

If it’s like previous HTC devices, the encryption settings can be found in Settings > Storage > Phone storage encryption. To disable encryption on HTC One A9, you can try to factory reset the phone, but remember to backup the phone’s contents before resetting.

We think this feature is very useful for those who are caring about its phone security. As we said earlier, if it’s enabled by default, then this device has an excellent crypto performance, so, there’s no impact on the phone’s overall performance.



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  1. Abdulla
    September 21, 2016 at 2:58 AMReply

    Hi Thanks .
    After successful encryption my HTC 820 desire Dual Sim getting reeboot . while reboot it shows ” encryption completed please enter the password tondescrypt.. I entered the password which I used for encryption and the phon got On. But My question is that , we are doing encryption our device to protect our data .. After encryption it asking the password to decrypt then only the phon will getting ON. Then What is the use of encryption if we are doing the description bybentering the password.. After sucfeful encryption , I did description bybentering the password used for encryption then only the phone get ON..
    We encryptiing and then disrupting. What the point behind this.. ? . while discrypting my phone after enryption does my file possible to recover for a third person.. Please explain…

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