HTC First bootloader is unlockable, root will be achieved soon

There is good news for anyone who are thinking about buying the new HTC First as you can immediately unlock the bootloader on this device, officially thru HTCDev site. Maybe someone asks, what’s the benefit of unlocking the bootloader? There is no special advantage for users who simply want to make use of Facebook on this device, but it will be very important for advanced users or the android modders.


With unlocked status on the bootloader, it can be much easier for us to achieve root access, and maybe we can also flashing and running custom ROMs on this device sometime in the future. So if you’re hoping to get root on the HTC First, start by unlocking the bootloader. And also take action immediately before HTCDev revoke unlock the capabilities of this device, as happened to the HTC Droid Incredible LTE.

htc first unlocked bootloader root

Screenshot by: TRF-Inferno on xda

Maybe when you visit you won’t find your phone in the list of supported devices, not to worry because sometimes HTC didn’t include all the devices they are supported on the supported list, you just need to select “All other supported models” and start getting the unlock code. The procedure to obtain the unlock code is similar for all HTC devices, you can see the guidelines when requesting the code or you can also read it here.



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  1. renante
    April 27, 2013 at 10:28 PMReply

    Why doesn’t this htcdev not unlocking bootloader for my HTC droid DNA

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