AT&T Galaxy Note 3: MJ5 software update now available via OTA

Adhering to another carriers, now in mid-November 2013, AT&T launched the official software update for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 via OTA to software version MJ5, it was about 27MB so obviously not a major Android OS update, it’s possible that just a few performance enhancements and bug fixes as received by other variants. There has been no official information from AT&T about the MJ5 update changelog, but some members on XDA noticed that the color of the stock keyboard has been updated, the phone does seem a bit snappier and the S-Pen input now much faster.


Despite the fact that only a small update, it does not hurt to download and install the MJ5 version although we do not know what exactly was changed. If you are hesitant to accept this update because you have rooted smartphone, it seems you don’t have to be concerned, since we can still retain root on AT&T Galaxy Note 3 running MJ5 version with a few easy steps that you need to carry out before installing the update. However, if you accidentally installed the update without doing the procedure to regain root, you also don’t need to be worried since Kingo app could give you root privileges just as before.

att galaxy note 3 mj5 update changelog

Image: Samsung
Screenshot: XDA

Here is the information you will get on the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 ‘About phone’ after the update it via OTA:

Baseband version:

Kernel Version:
se.infra@SEP-121 #1
Thu Oct 17 18:19.07 KST 2013

Build Number:

SELinux Status:


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