Motorola Droid Maxx 2 Android 6.0 Marshmallow update

Motorola lover should remember the Droid Razr, which later in 2013 was renamed to the Droid Maxx, it’s also available along with a few other variants such as the Droid Ultra and Mini. This time Motorola and Verizon tried to recall its legendary Droid line with the release of the Motorola Droid Maxx 2. But in fact the device is not the successor of the 2013-released Droid Maxx (X1080M), but only a Verizon variant of the Moto X Play, so it isn’t exclusively made for Verizon Wireless. Although it comes with latest Lollipop (Android 5.1.1), but you certainly will get Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Droid Maxx 2 soon.

The Marshmallow unveiled in May 2015 under Android M code name, and it officially released in October 2015, just a few weeks before the Droid Maxx 2 was also released. So maybe this is the main reason why this device is not shipped with Android 6.0, since the release date of both are too close. You should know, the process of developing a firmware undergoes several stages, starting from the developing process, then carrier certification process until released to end users.

Although the user interface is still the same with Lollipop version, but the Marshmallow update will improve the Droid Maxx 2 overall user experience with its Contextual Assistance, Doze power management, redesigned application permissions model, an improved Android Runtime (ART), new implementation of SD card to save apps and games, and many more.

marshmallow update droid maxx 2

Device Image: Motorola / Verizon Wireless

When the Android 6.0 released for Droid Maxx 2?

Although no official statement from Verizon or Motorola regarding Marshmallow update, but based on a list of some Motorola smartphones that are guaranteed to get the OS update. In the list you can see there are six phones, one of which is the Moto X Play. As we said before, when Maxx 2 is the Verizon variants of Moto X Play, so we can expect to get updates afterwards, or maybe earlier.

Can I install CM13 (based on Marshmallow) on this device?

Installation of AOSP based custom ROMs like CyanogenMod 13, requires you to have a custom recovery, but it needs an unlocked bootloader. We still do not know the status of the bootloader on this phone, but based on earlier devices that was released along with Verizon Wireless, the devices always have a locked bootloader, and to unlock it requires hard work. So, we hope a talented dev will come out with a new method to unlock it up.


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