Root Sprint LG G4 after receiving ZV5 official OTA update

After waiting almost a month since the device was released, finally the Team Codefire have discovered a method to root several variants of LG G4, mostly US released G4 has been supported by this new method, including the Sprint variant LS991. Another great news is, the new method has been compatible with the new official update from LG – LS991ZV5, which means that we can still get root on Sprint LG G4 running ZV5 software version.


Sprint just mentions that the ZV5 update only brings minor update as it still running Android 5.1 Lollipop. Although it is associated with Reactivation Lock, but a lot of people got numerous benefit from it. Some users at xda reported that they now have better performance and much longer battery life, the touchscreen now became more responsive. It’s a must-have update for LS991 users, you won’t regret installing it, let alone you still have an opportunity to root it.

lg g4 zv5 root sprint

Image: LG

As we have mentioned before, gaining root on ZV5 for Sprint LG G4 can be done by using a method discovered by Team Codefire, it will replace the existing system image on the phone with the pre-rooted image.


The procedures you’re going to do is not too difficult, but it could be pretty challenging for those who are not familiar with adb or other technical stuff. Here are some of the files that you need to prepare before performing the procedure to obtain root:

  1. The proper LG USB device drivers for your specific computer OS.
  2. Adb and other files from previous LG root script.
  3. The pre-rooted ZV5 system image for Sprint G4 (LS991).
  4. All required files can be found on thecubed’s thread on xda.


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