T-Mobile Xperia Z1s updated to Lollipop, root possible with pre-rooted firmware

The last year Sony’s flagship phone for T-Mobile US, the Xperia Z1s been getting updated to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop with 14.5.B.0.236 build number. It’s a little surprising considering that the newest Xperia device – Z3 still running on KitKat. According TMo software update tracker page, the Z3 still on T-Mobile certification process testing, to make sure you will get a bug-free software. But there is one problem for the geek users, once the Xperia Z1s updated to Lollipop, root seems unattainable as the previous method can’t be used anymore.


Released in early 2014, this phone was shipped with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, a few months later it also gets an update to KitKat, so Lollipop is the second major OS updates offered by Sony. With a lot of improvement in user experience and stunning user interface offered by Lollipop, most of the consumers won’t skip this Android 5.0.2 update.

For those who want to get back to get root on Lollipop update for Xperia Z1s, you should postpone the automatic update for now. Because superuser access can only be obtained when the phone still running the previous software version (KitKat) and we need to flash the stock rooted Lollipop by using a custom recovery ROM.

tmobile xperia z1s lollipop root

Some requirements that you must meet: the latest Xperia official Z1s running KitKat update, rooted with SuperSU and custom recovery installed, TWRP recovery is preferred via NUT’s Dual recovery for the Z1.


In addition, you have to prepare some of the files below that will be used to create a stock rooted ROM:

  1. PRFCreator tool, to create pre-rooted ROM.
  2. FlashTool, flash utility for Sony Xperia devices.
  3. The Z1s stock official Lollipop firmware in FTF format.
  4. The most recent SuperSU by Chainfire.

For the step by step on how to get it done, you can straight to joedeveloper’s thread on xda community.


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