Verizon Galaxy S6 edge+ updated to G928VVRU2AOGJ, root still can’t be obtained

Even though it is a new-released device, the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S6 edge+ has gained a new software update to version G928VVRU2AOGJ. From the time of the update released and the size of the file, we already know that this is only a minor update. So, there’s no major upgrade, as this smartphone already has the last version of Lollipop (Android 5.1.1). The newest Android 6.0 – Marshmallow, can be enjoyed only by several Nexus devices for now, and edge plus phone will not likely get it in the near future.


According to Samsung and Verizon support site, the G928VVRU2AOGJ (OGJ) firmware version only deliver security patch, in more details, it released to fix the Exynos chipset vulnerability. So, if you give more attention to your device’s security, then this is the must-have update. However, if you want to get root on the Verizon Galaxy edge+ someday, then you can hold on to perform the update, because usually a new security patch will make every root attempt become more tougher.

As we know, until now there’s no working root method for Verizon branded devices, we cannot expect to get it in the near future, since this device was just launched and as usual Verizon lock it tight like other Samsung smartphones they have.

verizon galaxy s6 edge plus ogj root

Device image: Samsung

Although improbable, but you can hope that this device will be rooted someday, considering that some edge plus variants that are marketed outside the US and also T-Mobile variant has managed to gain superuser privileges by using a custom recovery, modified kernel, SuperSU and then flash it with an Odin flash tool. You as Verizon users only need to wait until a developer comes up with its new tool or guide on how to get it done.



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