Verizon LG G3 new OTA update (VS98511c) has rolled out, root is kept after upgrading

A week ago Verizon has rolled out a new software update to the LG G3 (VS985) with software version VS98511c, it’s still loaded with KitKat, not Android 5.0 Lollipop as some people expect. Just like other software updates, this OTA allegedly preloaded with security patches that will prevent any root attempts in this smartphone.

In the past, we can get superuser access with the help of Stump Root by jcase or IOroot by autoprime, but now the both utilities aren’t able to help you once your Verizon LG G3 software already updated to version VS98511c, unless you have superuser access before apply the OTA.


You do not need to unroot to get the official OTA update. However, you still have to replace the custom recovery like TWRP with the stock recovery, otherwise the upgrade might be unsuccessful. Once updated and rooted, you can re-switch the recovery to the TWRP again, then continue your flashing activity.

In case you have been updating your Verizon LG G3 to VS98511c and now stuck in a stock ROM and unrooted, there is still a chance for you. According to some G3 owner from xda, you could downgrade to 10b software, it’s not a simple and easy procedure for everyone, but this is the only solution at this time.

vzw lg g3 11c root

Image: LG / Verizon Wireless

The VS98511c software for LG G3 brings a couple of bug fixes such as improve device speed for user experience (UI) that will make it smoother than ever, and then to increase network connectivity for better call quality and faster internet. Not just that, you will see a minor improvement on the lockscreen, you can now access the camera instantly by swiping the camera button to the left.



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  1. Andy
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    How do I temporary replace the custom recovery with stock for this update?

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