Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for AT&T Moto X (2nd Gen.) released, root becomes harder

As usual, AT&T users have to be patient to get an official software update, especially if the update will be released with major changes in Android OS. If the Moto X (2nd Gen.) Pure Edition has been updated to Lollipop shortly after Android 5.0 was released, the AT&T users will have to wait a few more months to get the same update. It is because the new Android version should pass the AT&T certification process, that’s long enough.


The Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for AT&T Moto X (2nd Gen.) has released starting today with software version 22.21.34. The Lollipop is the major Android OS upgrade, you can expect many new experience in most areas, the which includes a visual style with the whole new colorful look and fluid animations.

Some Motorola-exclusive features like the Moto Display can still be used, but you can also replace it with Lollipop’s Ambient Display. The Moto Assist now also supports the Downtime feature from Lollipop, it’s helpful to manage when you do not want to be disturbed.

at&t moto x 2014 lollipop root

Image: Motorola

For Android enthusiasts, the official Lollipop for AT&T Moto X (2nd Generation) does not bring any good news, since the root access is still not able to be obtained. Even after updating to Android 5.0, any attempt to root and unlock the bootloader will be more challenging.

According to jcase – the man behind numerous root utility, this new version of Android brings more strict SELinux policies. And although you get root access later, you still have to think about how to make it really usable.


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