Verizon Galaxy Note 4 updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop, root is possible via MultiSystem tool

Official Android 5.0 Lollipop software update for Verizon Galaxy Note 4 has been released some time ago with N910VVRU1BOAF software version. Although not as fast as other US carrier-branded models like AT&T and Sprint, but at least it is not too late as the T-Mobile variants that still under manufacturer development. This is good news for its users, but it might not too good for geek users who are still unable to acquire root on the Verizon Galaxy Note 4.


Since this phablet device released late 2014, until now there is no root method that works for this device, most likely because it comes with locked bootloader. As we know, most of the Verizon-branded Android smartphones are shipped with locked bootloader, which is why Verizon devices sometimes becomes the last model to get root when compared to other variants such as Sprint and T-Mobile which sold with an unlocked bootloader.

But everything will change after a new vulnerability has been discovered for this device and several other Verizon devices that are currently stuck with no root. An xda senior member – blazinandroid1 and the team, has managed to develop a working root for this device by utilizing few bugs and he will use it to gain superuser privileges.

vzw galaxy note 4 oaf lollipop root

Image: Samsung

No one has confirmed if the method will also work to root Lollipop update for Galaxy Note 4, because the dev build when the smartphone is still running official firmware KitKat. So, if the root is very valuable to you, it does not hurt to wait. But if Lollipop more important to you, just update the phone now.

UPDATE May 9th: Root now possible via MultiSystem tool, thanks to anhsbadr, an xda member and also the Kingroot app.



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