You can’t download and install future OTA update when the HTC 10 rooted with custom recovery

An OTA update could be the most awaited thing by Android users wherever it is, including the HTC 10 users. Because usually a software update brings numerous enhancements and bug fixes that can improve the performance and functionality of the device. That’s why some people are very pleased when they get a software update notification on their devices. But what if the ability to download and apply the software update via OTA is dropped from your HTC 10?


This situation will be experienced by those who have modified its phone software, especially those who have to replace the stock recovery with the custom one like TWRP recovery. Previously, you only lose the ability to apply / install the official OTA update, but now you also lose the opportunity to download the update file, not just that, you won’t get the update notifications as well.

When you perform force update via Settings, you’ll get an error message like this: “Can not update software: There was an unexpected error and the file system may be corrupted. Please contact HTC support for future assistance.”

failed update ota htc 10

Device image: HTC

So, all you have to do is to restore and bring back the ability to download and apply updates on HTC 10 OTA is to flash back the matched stock recovery. But ensure the recovery version that will be used is matched with the current system version or it will not pass the check. So, it’s better if you always take the full backup, including the recovery when you have plans to mods your device.

The HTC 10 is an awesome new flagship smartphone, it’s has a excellent performance, beautifully crafted with metal material. But there are some people who are not satisfied with the stock HTC Sense software and really want to tweak or even change the stock ROM with custom AOSP based ROM like CyanogenMod. For that reason some of them want to deal with the risks that could lead to soft / permanent brick.



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