AT&T LG G2 updated to D80020y, root should stay intact after update procedure

Effective September 5th, AT&T released a new software update for its LG G2 (D800) with software version D80020y, as we thought before this is not a major update. According to AT&T support page, the update file size is only 89.5 MB when you are running the D80020u version, the file size will be bigger in case you are on older software version. You should have a software upgrade notification for AT&T LG G2 at this time, and you also need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to be able to obtain the necessary files.


As we have pointed out before, the 20y software update will not bring many changes to your phone, there’s no Android 4.4.4 update, it’s still on 4.4.2 KitKat. Some of the changes that you will get are: APN update (it changed the APN to nxtgenphone), updating the LG Music Player app (v4.5.24), LG G Watch compatibility and the last is the Google Security Patch that will make your device more secure while blocking any root attempt on the AT&T LG G2.

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However, there is a good news for those who already have root on the AT&T LG G2 before updating their devices to D80020y via from OTA, as some users on xda said that updating will not remove superuser on the phone.

at&t lg g2 20y rooted

Image: LG / AT&T

So, before upgrading the software ensure the root access to work well, otherwise you have to wait until unspecified time limit, since some popular tools such as root Towelroot IOroot might not work with the D80020y software version.


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  1. Effrem123
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    Stumproot works flawless to root LG G2 with New OTA!!!

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