How to: AT&T Galaxy S4 official Lollipop (I337UCUGOC3) root with TWRP backups

AT&T approved an official Android 5.0.1 update for Samsung Galaxy S4 on January 7th with I337UCUGOC3 software version. The update is available thru OTA and in the near future, you can also get the Odin flashable file. The update file size is about 947MB, considering this is a major Android update from previous version (KitKat), so in order to download it via OTA you have to use Wi-Fi. If you have previously been rooted with safestrap, you have the opportunity to keep root on Lollipop for AT&T Galaxy S4.


The Lollipop (OC3) software version brings a lot of performance and user interface enhancements over the previous software version. New User Interface look and feel, more fluid motions is one of the features that can be found. Not only that, you can also expect better battery life after upgrading the OS. In addition to an Android OS upgrade, some preloaded apps like the Browser Bar and Code Scanner will be removed, then Softcard apps will also be taken out, as this app will never work after it has been acquired by Google.

Regarding the root, we still have a chance to regain root on the official Lollipop for AT&T Galaxy S4 through safestrap custom recovery and a pre-rooted twrp backup. Until now, this method is the only method. However, if you already updated to Android 5.0, you may still have a chance to downgrade and install safestrap recovery later.

at&t galaxy s4 lollipop root

Device Image: Samsung

For those who are interested to regain superuser on the latest official update Lollipop, here we provide a brief guide, based on muniz_ri thread on xda-developers forum.


All you have to remember, the procedure requires you to wipe everything but your ext-sdcard, so it is advisable to backup the data and other personal contents.

  1. Download the Lollipop TWRP backup (I337_OC3_Stock_Rooted_Backup.rar).
  2. Extract it and put it inside TWRP folder (ext-sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/xxxxxx). When there’s no folder, you have to make a nandroid backup with Safestrap, and a new folder will be created for you.
  3. Now boot into Safestrap recovery, wipe everything except ext-sdcard via Advanced Wipe.
  4. Back to main menu, and restore the stock rooted official Lollipop ROM for AT&T Galaxy S4.
  5. Once done, take a reboot. Now turn off and boot into download mode.
  6. The last step is to flash the official OC3 stock partitions using Odin in PDA slot and reboot.


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