Replace the Droid Turbo 2 dented screen with Shattershield Replacement Kit

Cracked screen is most terrifying things for smartphone users, especially for a device with a touchscreen, it’s could easily dented when dropped. Because of this, Motorola released its revolutionary display protection called Moto Shattershield, only Droid Turbo 2 has this feature at the moment. The Shattershield guaranteed the display for not cracked or shattered when dropped. However, it’s still possible to get scratches, if you have this problem, then replacing the Droid Turbo 2 screen could be a solution.


Not so many people know if the first layer of Moto Shattershield is removable, it’s a protective lens with exclusive exterior hardcoat designed to protect against dents and scratches. If you are an unlucky person and find your device dented after dropped, you can change the outer lens with a new one. So actually, the 1st layer of Shattershield just like a tempered glass screen protector, but with quality materials and precisely cut to fit with the other layers.

This screen replacement for Droid Turbo 2 can help you if the damage only occurs on the first layer, however, if the damage is also spreading to the second layer or even into deeper layers, then the screen replacement must be performed by a technician, since teardown a device requires expertise and special equipment..

Droid Turbo 2 screen replacement

Image: Motorola Mobility Youtube Channed

You need to know, if the display and its lens are warranted for 4 years from the date of purchase. So when there is a problem with the device’s screen, it’s better to send it for repair. Specifically to the outer lens, you have an option to purchase the replacement lens and you can replace it on your own, it’s priced at $29.99. The Droid Turbo 2 screen replacement kits consist of: a replacement tool, wet cloth, dry cleaning cloth, and the shield lens.

The installation is also straightforward, and may be similar to the installation of tempered glass screen protector, you just need to peel the old lens then replace it with a new one.


However, here’s an overview on how to get it done:

  1. Head to Motorola official website and buy the Shattershield replacement kit.
  2. Go to a clean and dust free work area.
  3. Turn off the phone.
  4. Take the provided removal tool remove the old screen, and insert it to the top right corner of the screen and lift off the existing lens.
  5. Clean the phone’s display with the wet cloth following by the dry cloth.
  6. Grab the new Shattershield lens, and remove the protective film.
  7. Install the new lens by lining up to the top and bottom speakers holes of the phone, and ensure the edge don’t hang over.
  8. Press the applied lens and wait for about 15 seconds for the adhesive to self-bond.


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