Rooted HTC 10 experiencing no signal / radio issues

For an Android enthusiast, the very first thing to carry out after getting a new Android smartphone is gaining root access, it also applies to HTC 10 users. HTC is well known as developer-friendly manufacturer, since they facilitate HTC 10 users to unlock the phone bootloader, officially via HTCDev. After successfully unlocked the bootloader, we can freely install a custom recovery like TWRP, which will then be useful to gain superuser privileges with the help of flashable SuperSU.


Usually, the above steps would be effective without any problems, but it does not apply to the HTC 10. As you may know that many users experienced no signal issue once this device rooted, especially for those who performed the data wipe after flashing. This is due to SuperSU will alter the data encryption flag from “FORCEENCRYPT” to “ENCRYPTABLE” when you wiped your phone data, your data partition will be decrypted, and it could break the radio on the phone and you will get no signal for a mysterious reason.

Fortunately, there is still hope for those who still want to get root access on HTC 10 with SuperSU. Thanks to XDA Recognized contributor – @topjohnwu, he slightly modified the SuperSU flashing script, so now it will not alter the phone’s encryption flag.

HTC 10 root supersu no signal

Device Image: HTC

But not only the flashable file has changed, a few steps to flash the file also little bit changed. According to a guide written by XDA Recognized developer – @jcase, you should flash the SuperSU via adb sideload. Here’s how: once the boot into TWRP recovery main menu, select Advanced, then sideload. Now sideload the SuperSU the flashable via adb command adb sideload /path/to/ and you’re done.



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