Additional files to fix LG USB Drivers installation on Windows OS

According to Wikipedia, a device driver (also known as a driver) is a computer software that controls a specific type of device that is attached to a computer. Since we connect our device via USB, then it’s also frequently called as USB drivers. Without it, the device could not be recognized by a computer (running Windows or Mac OS X). However, the device driver installation is not as easy as we expected, and these problems are often experienced by computer users with Windows Operating System.


This issue also experienced by LG device users, especially an Android smartphone. Some buddies often ask us if they have never managed to install the LG device drivers correctly. Although the drivers install routine says it successfully installed, but in reality, the storage device is not listed in Windows Explorer and it’s detected as unknown devices on the Windows Device Manager.

LG have its own generic device drivers for most LG Android smartphone branded as LG United Mobile Driver. For Windows Operating System, it’s available as an executable installer (.exe), so we just need to double-click it and it’s done. That’s the theory, but in reality, not all Windows systems have the required software library, this resulted in the driver not installed correctly on the system, and you are not ready to go.

lg usb driver install fix

Image: LG

After browsing around the web, it turns out that the LG United Mobile Driver requires additional Microsoft Visual C++ libraries. Fortunately, Microsoft provides a redistributable package that we can install on our computers.

No Name OS Download
1 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
Redistributable Package
Windows 64-bit
2 Windows 32-bit

As a side note, do not be concerned when you notice a popup message that says if a device you already have the latest version of Visual C++ installed, just continue the installation process to finish. Once completed, now try to connect the LG device to the computer again, a computer reststart might be required.



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