How to fix LG Spectrum 2 random shut off problem

LG Spectrum II pretty much in demand lately, might be because it has reasonable price at $50 on Amazon, although it sold at affordable price but this device are equipped with superb hardware specs, such as 4.7-inch 720p display, dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait CPU with 1 GB of RAM, so it can help your day-to-day task and can also entertain you with entertainment features inside it.


Unfortunately there are some users having problems with the device, and the random shut off is the main problem on LG Spectrum 2. Even though it could happen anytime or random, but the problem could be more frequent when you set up and activate the alarm clock, once activated the alarm for a few hours, the phone will turn itself off. So there is a possibility that the phone will shut itself down when there is no activity for a long period.

shut off problem lg spectrum 2

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You should know that only a few users experienced this difficulty, so if you are one of the users who have this issue, you’re out of luck. However, don’t get worried, there are ways to deal with it, here’s an alternative that you could try:

  1. Entering Safe Mode
    In case you are suspecting third party apps that trigger shutting off problems, then you can enter into safe mode. When your phone is in safe mode, all the 3rd party apps won’t be running, you can set your phone into safe mode for a few hours or maybe a day to evaluate whether the shut off problem still comes up, don’t worry you can continue to make phone calls, text messaging as well as browsing.

    How to get into safe mode: when the phone is turned on press the power button, once “Phone options” appears tap and hold the “Power off” option, then you will see a message to enter into safe mode and then press OK, to go back to normal mode simply restart the phone. If your phone doesn’t shut itself down, then the problem is in third-party apps, but if you have not installed any apps yet but still having this issue then you can try another solution.

  2. Factory resets
    If the first solution is unable to solve the shut off problem on LG Spectrum 2, then the last step is to perform a factory reset, but you need to bear in mind that this procedure will wipe all data stored in the internal storage, including contacts, sms, call logs, installed apps, etc., so it’s safer to carry out a backup. Go to Phone settings -> Backup and reset -> Factory Data reset. Your phone will reboot as soon as reset process is completed.



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