LG Intuition: Fixing a lot of problems after official OTA update

Earlier this week Verizon has released an OTA update for LG Intuition with build number VS95011B, this update is not most anticipated OTA that their users expect, since there’s still no Jelly Bean. According to info from the Verizon, this update brings several enhancements, which include tuned speakerphone for better voice quality, fixed text messaging issues, Split View on email app, and many others.


Although it brings several enhancements but most LG Intuition users don’t recommend you to receive these updates, since it have numerous serious problems. Here is the problem you’ll get when receiving OTA updates: failure notification app that always pops up, various essential apps such as Google Play and Gmail app doesn’t work anymore, you might possibly lose contacts, gallery images taken from the camera. Verizon backup assistant also can not work properly, so you’ll have trouble when restoring from it.

lg intuition vs950 fix ota problems

Image Credit: LG/Verizon

If you still want to receive the OTA update, it is recommended to backup or sync all your phone’s data manually to a PC/Notebook. For those who have already executed an update to VS95011B, and frustrated with the problems, you can still make your phone work normally by performing the following steps, thanks to H3in707 from Verizon Community.

  1. Backup your phone’s data manually to your PC.
  2. Connect LG Intuition in phone mode.
  3. Grab LGMobile Support Tools from the official site here, and then set it up on your Windows PC.
  4. Open Support Tools software, it will automatically recognize our LG Intuition, if your device is not recognized you may need to install the device drivers.
  5. lg intuition recovery ota problems

  6. Go to Customer Support on the top menu, and then select Recovery Phone, a new window will show up.
  7. IMEI/ESN/MEID and S/N will be automatically recognized, but to make sure click the Check button. In the Model, select LGVS950.
  8. The process of recovery will take a while, most likely between 2 to 5 hours, so make sure you have enough extra time to take action.
  9. Once the recovery process is completed, all LG Intuition’s functions should back to normal again.



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