Samsung Galaxy S6 edge battery drain and factory reset issues after rooted

Some Samsung Galaxy S6 edge users might pleased now, knowing that they could directly root their device as soon as the device arrive. As we know, Chainfire has released CF-Auto-Root (CFAR) for T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 edge (SM-G920T & SM-G925T), even before the device is offered in the market. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that rooted device will be more beneficial. At least, this is what happened to the Galaxy S6 edge users who experiencing some problems after successfully getting superuser privileges.


Some users on xda reported, after successfully rooted, they begin to see massive battery drain, in other words, battery life now even worse. Not only that, once rooted we will not be able to perform a factory reset either through the Settings or via recovery, as it only show white/green screen. We’re not finding Chainfire clarification of this issue at the moment, but we believe Chainfire will be able to discover a way to avoid this problem in the future.

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According to some xda users, battery drain after rooting Galaxy S6 edge caused by root process, its preventing the phone from going into ‘Deep Sleep’. Regarding factory reset, most likely it’s due to we no longer have access to the stock recovery after rooted. If you are already rooted and have this issue, you can try this method to perform a factory reset.

galaxy s6 root issues

Device image: Samsung

First of all, boot into recovery mode by turning off the phone then press and hold the magic key combo (Vol Up + Home + Power). You should boot into recovery at this point, but now you only see the white/green screen.
So, actually the recovery is still there, we just can’t view it. Here’s how to access the factory reset menu, thanks to Suhailaboss from xda who found the way and share it, tested on T-Mobile Galaxy S6 edge (SM-G925T).

  • Volume Down (4 times)
  • Power Button
  • Volume Down (7 times)
  • Power Button


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    You have to install a custom kernel within a fix for DS issue 😉 Like HybridMax for instance

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