How to fix DROID MAXX (XT1080) sytem update failed

Verizon DROID MAXX (XT1080) by Motorola has received the official OTA update last week with the build number 12.15.15, which brings several enhancements and bug fixes such as: Improved camera quality, faster wireless charging, faster 4G LTE connection, improved stability of Motorola Assist, free Google Drive 50GB promotion, etc. However, lots of people got bootloop issue once the update installed, most likely this is because they’re failing to remember to unroot and restore any removed/frozen bloatware apps, this makes the update can’t be installed correctly and will show a ‘system update failed’ message.


In most cases, to be able to upgrade to official OTA, our VZW DROID MAXX’s software must be in stock same as the first time we put the Smartphone out of the box. So if we root it using PwnMyMoto by jcase or even flash a custom ROM, most likely we will have problems during the update installation, allegedly because the stock recovery has been replaced or modified.

fix droid maxx ota update fail

Image: VZW/Motorola
Screenshot: xda

But for those who previously utilizing MotoRoot v1.1 to acquire root, you’re lucky because you can upgrade to the latest without any problems as the exploit does not modify your phone’s stock recovery, so you can just simply press the unroot option and then install the OTA update.

When your DROID MAXX update failed, then the only solution is to flash fxz or flash stock shipped firmware, when successful this will make our phones back to stock condition or back to the original DROID MAXX software, which same as when we first purchased it. There are two methods to restore original firmware: using RSD Lite (check out this post to read the tutorial) or by using a HouseofMoto tool, which a bit more challenging since it requires us to do some steps manually.



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