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The impact of the growing popularity of the LG Android phones is a lot of developers begin supporting LG devices, especially the new flagship smartphone – LG G3. This is a positive improvement as it will make the LG Android development become more productive. This is noticeable from the release of new tools to root and install TWRP custom recovery called PurpleDrake, which crafted by talented developers from xda – thecubed, this utility only utilize a command prompt or terminal to work and it’s simple to operate.


We do not know why thecubed named this tool as PurpleDrake, might be to make it easier to remember and seem a bit more funny, if the “drake” referred as a male duck. This utility is not just made ​​by thecubed, but also supported by other two devs, including jcase and autoprime, both of them are well-known devs from xda and often released root utility.

The PurpleDrake is made specifically for the LG G3, but did not rule it could also work with other LG devices. Currently, this utility has been successful giving root on several variants such as, AT&T (D850 – 10D), T-Mobile (D851 – 10C), Korean (F400K/L/S – 10A/B), International and EU (D885 – 10A/B/C). However, the devs are still working to make this tool can be compatible with all models of LG G3.

purpledrake linux

PurpleDrake running in Ubuntu Linux

Download the PurpleDrake root utility for LG G3

To be able to do its job, this utility needs a computer with Mac OSX, Linux or Windows OS. Both are connected via USB cable, and communicate using the Android Debug Bridge or ADB.


The PurpleDrake utility currently available in two versions that you can download here, the full and lite version. Both give you root on your device, the difference is the full version will help you install a custom recovery (TWRP) and it also prevent LG checker to show your phone as rooted, so it’s remain shown as unrooted.

For those who want to try their device, but fear that this utility is not compatible, don’t worry, since this app will reboot your phone first before proceeding to the rooting procedure to check if your phone is supported or not. If your device is incompatible, it will reboot your phone without having changed anything.


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