Official LG G5 TWRP Recovery Now Available for Download and Install

The most popular custom recovery from TeamWin – TWRP, finally released for the 2016 LG flagship Android smartphone, the LG G5. Unfortunately, it’s only available for International / Europe variants of G5 (H850), and until now, there’s no TWRP build available for US devices like AT&T (H820), Verizon (VS987), Sprint (LS992), T-Mobile (H830) and US Cellular (US992). The main reason is all the US variants are coming with locked bootloader, and up to now, only International or European variant has a chance to be unlocked via official LG Developer Unlock site.


When the device’s bootloader is locked tight, then we will not be able to do any mods to the phone systems. This is one of LG’s efforts to protect its users privacy and security. This protection fits for common users who only use their phones for communication and entertainment, but not for power users who always want to get the most out of their device.

A custom recovery like TWRP could be the beginning for the geek users to mods their LG G5. Once you have installed a custom recovery, then you can use it to gain root access to flash SuperSU file from Chainfire, flash custom ROMs or perform a full backup that cannot be done by the common users. You can also be able to get the latest Android OS more quickly by installing an AOSP based ROM like CyanogenMod.

When successfully installed, please consider taking a full backup first, to be prepared when bad things take place, since some parts of the system will be modified. Additionally, when you decide to install a custom recovery, you also lose the opportunity to install any future official OTA update, because it will refuse to install when it detect any system changes. However the we can still install the custom ROM based on recent update via TWRP.

lg g5 twrp download install

Device image: LG

Installing TeamWin Recovery require you to unlock the bootloader, and it’s utilize fastboot commands. So, make sure that you have the latest fastboot files on your computer and also ensure the LG G5 drivers are properly installed. The original G5 boot image has dm-verity, which could stops you from booting if you enable system modifications via TWRP, so you have to flash the root file from SuperSU to fix it.

Unlike the TeamWin Recovery made for HTC 10 devices that can be used for almost all the variants, the TWRP for LG G5 currently can only be used for the specific model number only, in this case, a device with H850 model number with an unlocked bootloader. For download links and complete step by step how to install it you can directly go to jcadduono’s thread on XDA or you can also grab it from the official site TeamWin site when it is available.



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