Download the Samsung Galaxy S6 USB and ADB drivers for Windows and Mac OS X

Transferring files between computer and android phone does not have to use a USB cable, since we can transfer any files wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. But at a certain moment we cannot take advantage of the wireless transfer, so we had to keep using a wired connection. One of the disadvantages using a wired connection is that drivers must be installed on the computer, including Windows and Mac OS X. So, the Samsung Galaxy S6 USB drivers are essential to make the phone recognizable by a computer.


As we know, Samsung Mobile has officially released its new 2015 flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. This flagship phone has significantly better specs than its predecessor – the Galaxy S5. It has faster CPU, more RAM and more internal storage space. Samsung Also upgraded the rear camera to 5 MP, so you can take a better selfies. We’re sure that you will frequently connect this phone to the computer to backup the photos or videos taken with the phone.

There are several ways to install the latest version of the Galaxy S6 drivers. The first way is to install Samsung KIES desktop application, but not everyone is willing to do so. Because when you just need a USB driver, the KIES app is too much. Thankfully, there is a standalone driver installer for this phone, so that we can remain connected to the computer without crammed the PC hard drive with huge KIES installation files.

download galaxy s6 drivers adb usb

Image: Samsung

Download Galaxy S6 USB drivers installer (standalone) and latest KIES 3

For Windows users, you can choose KIES 3 or standalone installer, but for Mac OS X users it seems that your only choice is KIES.

No Name Version Date Download
1 USB Drivers for Mobile Phone for Windows Feb 2015
2 USB Drivers for Mobile Phone for Windows Jun, 2014
3 KIES 3 for Windows & Mac OS X Vary Latest

In addition to content transferring, a USB driver for Galaxy S6 is also needed for Android development, such as for running the adb command. Including also for those who are planning to obtain root access or even restoring the phone to stock with Odin that runs on a Windows computer.



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