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The latest LG flagship smartphone, the LG G4 comes with modern and powerful hardware, 1.9 GHz 64-bit CPU, 3GB of RAM, 5.5-inches Quad HD display running on the latest Lollipop build, Android 5.1. However, not everyone pleased with the stock LG User Interface (UI), even though LG has modernized its UI with flat style design since last year when it released the 2014 flagship, LG G3. It looks more modern and stunning, but you don’t have more control over it.
Glad we have an amazing app known as G4 Tweaksbox, it helps you get the most out of the LG UI on G4 and other devices. It’s an xposed module, so you are required to install the framework xposed beforehand, root access is also needed since the apps will be touching the system apps. With this module you can make a few tweaks to the status / navigation bar, lockscreen, notification, quick setting, call, message, camera, sound and a lot more.

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The G4 Tweaksbox is not totally new app, it’s developed by a dev called P_Toti, the same person who released a module for G2 and G3. The Tweaksbox module becomes a must have modules for some LG devices, simply because it has almost all of the LG UI mods. This module is similar to GravityBox, but it is made and optimized for the LG device, so bugs and incompatibility can be minimized.

g4 tweaksbox download apk

G4 Tweaksbox Features

Download G4 Tweaksbox (apk) Xposed Module by P_Toti

As we know, the international version of LG G4 comes with an unlockable bootloader, and in the US, only T-Mobile variant (H811) is capable of being unlocked. Unlocked bootloader is a main requirement to install a custom recovery (TWRP), which you will use to flash Xposed Framework. Fortunately, some of the carrier-branded devices can still be used to install Xposed without recovery by using FlashFire, root access is the only requirement.

No App Name version Download
1 G4 Tweaksbox 1.0.1 BETA
2 G3/G4 Tweaksbox Unlocker 1.1

This module is free, and almost all features you can use for free. Just a few features that are only available in the premium version, like the circle battery, quick pulldown, 4-way menu, volume keys skip tracks, etc.
As we mentioned earlier, it requirer Xposed Framework to be installed first. Here’s the overview:

  1. Install custom recovery or FlashFire app (doesn’t work on all variants).
  2. Install Xposed Framework zip and installer apk.
  3. Download and install the G4 Tweaksbox app.
  4. Open Xposed and activate module on Module option.
  5. Reboot and start mods your LG G4 UI.


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