Most widely used one-click root tool for your Android smartphone, tablet or other devices

Android is a Google mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel, which is open source software, so that everyone can learn and modify the software in any way, this is what makes Android a step ahead of the other mobile OS. However, some Android capabilities are restricted, but it’s accessible when we’ve superuser privileges or also known as root access. Rooting is the method of exploiting a bug to gain elevated access to resources that are normally protected from end users.


Basically, rooting is a procedure that can only be done by advanced users, but along with the growing popularity of Android, there’s a lot of requests to simplify the rooting process. Some developers respond to these requests with the release of a one-click solution to gain root access in no time. It really helps novice users who do not unfamiliar with Android development.

Here we provide most widely used one-click root tool that you can try for gaining root access on your smartphone, tablet or other Android devices. The usage of each tool is different, most of the one-click tool requires a computer to get it done, but there are a couple of tools that you can use directly on your devices, a tool like this is usually delivered in the installable apk file.

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This tool was made by Chainfire, a well-known developer who also built a superuser rights management app labeled SuperSU. This tool only works for several Samsung-branded devices. By utilizing Odin flash tool, it will flash the modified recovery.img and cache.img in your Samsung phones or tablet to gain root. Since it involves the Odin, a computer with a Windows OS is required. However, due to the use of a modified recovery.img, it will trigger KNOX counter. You can get the tools officially from Chainfire’s site.


We do not know why geohot was named it as towel, likely because he got the idea after take a bath. Despite having a name that has nothing to do with Android development, but the tool has been successfully delivering root access to dozens of Android smartphones and tablets. The towelroot use a vulnerability in the Linux kernel to allow privilege escalation. Although originally created for Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5, the tool was proven to work on other devices with kernel build date no later than 6 June. This tool was released in the form of installable apk file that can be found here.



This one-click tool was initially built by thecubed, and then developed by autoprime. In the beginning, the main goal of this tool is to gain root on LG G2, as time passes it began to support numerous LG devices, including the latest flagship smartphone LG G3. The tool requires a computer to be able to do its job, since it only uses command line, we use it on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux computers. You can grab the file IOroot here.


This tool was made by a senior member from xda – alephzain, like towel app by geohot, this app was released in installable apk, just install the apk file and open the app then lets the Framaroot do its jobs. According its supported devices list, this tool has supported dozens of devices, most of which are non-flagship phone. You can download the tool and see the supported devices from alephzain thread here on xda.

Kingo Android Root

Kingo became popular since this tool is able to gain root on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean without triggering KNOX, after that, many folks tried this app on their smartphones and have great results. Regrettably, this app may not work on Android 4.4 KitKat, but the devs behind this app promises to update it to support the latest version of the Android OS. However, this app is a desktop app and runs on Windows computers only, you can get the installer here.


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