Grab the stock firmware for LG G Flex (AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, Korean, etc.) restore to stock now

One of the most frequent actions performed by the LG G Flex users when their device soft bricked is by flashing a stock firmware / ROM. This is the first step that can be taken, especially if the warranty has been voided or expired, so you do not need to bring it to LG service center. Every user who frequently mods their G Flex software, no matter how small the changes, still has a possibility to make their devices bricked. So, downloading a LG G Flex stock firmware / ROM, you are prepared to face the worst case that will happen.


LG G Flex is available across the world and released with several model numbers, and of course each variant has a different system software. So the stock firmware for AT&T LG G Flex is different from the Sprint or T-Mobile variants. For that reason, flashing a firmware that is not made ​​specifically for your device will not be able to restore your phone to stock, even it could make your device get hard-bricked and unrecoverable.

A stock firmware for LG devices normally have TOT, BIN or KDZ file extension. The firmware file sizes have divers sizes, for example the LG G Flex stock firmware is about 1.9GB, so downloading it using mobile data isn’t recommended. Here are some stock firmware file for LG G Flex (all variants).

No. Model Number Carrier/Region Android Download
1 F340K Korea 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
2 D950 AT&T soon
3 LS995 Sprint soon
4 D959 T-Mobile USA soon
5 D955 Germany soon

I’m sorry if a specific file for your model number is not available yet, but we will keep searching for the stock firmware for all variants from many sources, we will update this page as time goes on.



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