Download the latest LG G4 stock firmware / ROM, available in KDZ

For geek users, download a LG G4 stock firmware or ROM is a must, because this piece of software can help them out from an unwanted situation i.e., bricked device. Any mods you have made to the software could mess up the phone. Here we can see the benefits from the stock firmware, bring back the phone to stock condition, this is done by updating the modified software on your phone with the official untouched software from LG.


Every stock LG G4 ROM / firmware are uniquely made, exclusively built for your specific phone model number, so the stock firmware for Verizon LG G4 (VS986) can’t be used for the AT&T model (H810) and vice versa. So don’t ever try to cross flashing the stock firmware or it might brick the phone and unrecoverable.

Just like any other device, the LG LG G4 stock firmware is also available in two types of firmware, the KDZ and TOT. You can distinguish it when downloading the file, the KDZ has kdz file extension, so did with the TOT firmware.

lg g4 stock firmware download

Image: LG

The flash utility or tool that is commonly used by the both firmware is also different. Even though both of it have similar name, LG Flash Tool, but they comes with different user interface (GUI). Generally, the KDZ firmware requires a LG Flash Tool 2014, while the TOT uses a tool called LG Flashtool v1.8.

The following are the stock firmware or ROM for some LG G4 models in the US and worldwide.

No Country Model Number Download
1 US Verizon (VS986)
2 T-Mobile (H811)
3 US Cellular (US991)
4 EU General H815
5 UK O2 (H815)
6 NL H815
7 PL Play (H815)

Unfortunately, not all variants have it, but when it discovered, the download link will be shared.



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    Can i replace lg us991 Firmware with lg H815 firmware???

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