5 Top LG G4 Quick Circle Apps: TV Remote, Radio, Spotify, Torch, Compass and more

The LG Quick Circle is innovative LG flip cover case which was first sold in together with the release of LG G3 in 2014. Since then, every flagship phone always has it’s own quick circle case, including the LG G4. This exclusive case may be intentionally made to be able to compete with Samsung’s S-View flip cover, but with its original circle cut at the front. As an official accessory, the price is also quite high, $49.99.


This flip cover comes with a quick circle app that allows you to make use of some apps right from the window, without opening the case. Some apps that you can run are camera to take pictures, LG Health, Music for playing music, call logs, App Market and Settings. It also can wake up the device when you open the flip cover. The default app functionality is limited as it only supports basic functionality. Fortunately, LG allows developers to build their own custom app that is compatible with the quick circle case.

Now we can see some quick circle apps available on the Google Play Store. Some of which have specific features such as allow you to play Spotify or trigger torch feature. But there’s also an app that has many features in a single installation.

5 Top Quick Circle apps for LG G4

Here are some of the best LG G4 Quick Circle apps that you can try. After installing the app, be sure to activate it via Settings -> QuickCircleCase and then choose the preferred app.

    best top lg g4 quick circle apps

    Image: Quick Circle

  1. Quick Circle Apps by Yoav Sternberg
    This could be the must have third party alternative app, it’s open source and you can do a lot of action with a single app.
    Currently, the app support 12 functionality, and it’s likely to increase at some time.
    – Torch, activate torch feature using camera’s flash light
    – Music, play audio with any audio player
    – Dialer, using the dial pad without unlocking
    – Notification, show missed notification without unlocking
    – Toggles, control Wi-Fi, Data connection and brightness
    – Calendar, show future calendar event
    – News, pull your feedly feed
    – Scanner, scan QR code with zxing app
    – Stopwatch
    – Calculator
    – Compass
    – Dice
  2. remote tv app circle case

    Remote Everything

  3. Circle Remote
    If you often spend time at home, you can use your LG G4 to control your home entertainment devices like TV, audio, set top box device without opening the case or unlock the phone.
  4. radio app quick circle

    Listen radio with quick circle case

  5. Circle Radio
    Love listening to FM radio? Now you can tune your beloved station right from circle case. Without the need to open the flip cover and unlock the phone, you can quickly search for a local FM radio station. However, the app needs a working built-in FM radio app.
  6. Beautiful UI Call Log

    Beautiful UI Call Log

  7. Quick Call Log
    This app only has one feature, to display call log. Which makes the difference is its fancy UI, every log has its own icon, you can slide it and then make a call from there.
  8. listen spotify quick circle

    Listen spotify

  9. Quickfy
    Spotify users can now listen to music and control it on the small circle screen. It displays the current playing song, allows you to start a playlist and also let you skipping song in the playlist. You are also able to control the playback status of the PC app directly when the quick circle case closed.


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