Turn your AT&T/T-Mobile HTC One into a Google Play Edition device

The HTC One Google Play edition is available now, although it doesn’t have significant differences with the carrier-branded devices, many original HTC users are curious about how it feels running the stock Android OS on the original M7. If you want to feel it, there is great news for you, now we can easily run the HTC Google edition firmware to our smartphone.


As we know, the system dump of HTC One Google Play edition is leaked out, this will make less difficult for developers to build a custom ROM based on those dumps. Unfortunately, the ROM is only available for the GSM version not CDMA, so for those of you who have AT&T or T-Mobile branded device then you can run it smoothly, but it won’t work for Sprint variants. When you desires to flash this ROM, you must be willing to lose many Sense 5 features, as an alternative you will get superior features from stock Android 4.2.2 with most recent Google apps, beats audio toggle, new Camera UI and many others.

custom rom htc one google play edition

Image: HTC/Google

The following are some requirements that you must meet as a way to run Google Play edition firmware (ROM) on the original HTC One. Make sure you have a full nandroid backup before updating it with a custom ROM.

  1. Since we’ll replace our stock ROM with the Google edition ROM, the device with an unlocked bootloader is required.
  2. Another requirement after successful unlock is to install a custom recovery (TWRP or CWM), which useful for flashing the ROM to our phone.
  3. S-OFF isn’t required but recommended, as you are likely to get less issues due to compatibility issues.


When some or all of the above prerequisites have been met, now you’re ready to download the Google Play Edition ROM for the GSM HTC One from the developer thread on xda-developers. Make sure you read carefully the instructions given there to avoid mistakes.


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