Official CM13 nightly for HTC One A9 now avalaible for download

HTC One A9 is the first flagship device launched with Android 6.0 out of the box. So, to experience the new Marshmallow update we no longer need to use a custom ROM like CyanogenMod / CM13 or any of AOSP ROM. It can’t be denied that the vanilla Android still provides a unique experience, many users favors stock Android ROM that less-bloated, lightweight in resource usage and it’s supported by many Xposed modules.


As we know, the HTC One A9 ROM comes with Sense 7, a highly modified software suite developed by HTC for its Android devices. It can be seen from the UI that is quite different from the stock Android UI. The Sense 7 had quite a lot of improvements, like Themes feature that allows you to change the icons, navigation bars, color schemes and more.

However, the Themes feature by Sense is limited when compared with the Theme Engine by CyanogenMod. CM Theme Engine is pre-installed on the CM-based ROM. It can customize just about everything about the look of the phone, from icons to boot animation. Another reason is the Theme Engine has a huge collection of themes and icons in the Google Play Store.

cm13 htc one a9

Device image: HTC

And the good news is that the official CM13 which based on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now available for HTC One A9 (hiaeul). Even though it’s currently on nightly releases, but most of the features have been working properly, including the fingerprint feature. You may find some bugs when trying this release, but it will be fixed as time goes.


Here are some requirements prior to ROM installation.

  1. Bootloader unlocked, required to install custom recovery, however, S-OFF is preferred.
  2. Custom recovery, TWRP is recommended to flash this ROM, but you can utilize the provided (cyanogen) recovery.
  3. The CM13 ROM, since the HTC One A9 was officially supported, you can directly download it from cyanogenmod.
  4. Although not required, a full wipe before the flash is highly recommended.


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