Solving Galaxy Note 2 (i605) WiFi connectivity issue, no internet access

WiFi is an essential feature that should be available on all modern Smartphones, including the Galaxy Note 2 (SCH-i605). However, there are a few users having WiFi problems, like no internet access although it has been successfully connected to a WiFi network, while the other device when tested on the same network don’t have any troubles.


When attempting to access the internet, it takes forever and ended with times out, so you won’t be able to browsing, chatting, or downloading over Wi-Fi network. For some folks who regularly work with Wi-Fi to save the data usage, this problem is quite frustrating and waste of money.

Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Wi-Fi problem

Here are the steps you can take when you experience a WiFi problem on Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2 (SCH-i605):

  • Try connecting your other devices to the same Wi-Fi network, to find out if a problem occurs on the wireless router or on your device.
  • If the problem is on the wireless router at home, better to try reconfigure the router again.
  • When you’re sure that the problem is on Galaxy Note 2, you can perform a factory reset since there are users who reported that restore the device to factory defaults can deal with the WiFi issue on this device, head over to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory Data reset. But don’t forget to complete a backup, due to the fact all data on the internal storage will be deleted during the process.


If you just bought a Verizon Galaxy Note 2 and uncomfortable with this issue, you can return your device to a retail store as long as you still on the 14 day Return Policy.


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