Google Nexus Player common problems, dropped Wi-Fi, Audio and more

The Google Nexus Player is a digital media player by Asus, with this console you can stream content syncs across Android phones, tablets and TV. While it has a function similar to Google Chromecast, this console has its own advantages, it comes with voice-activated remote control. Additionally, there is also an option to purchase an official Gamepad to enjoy Android gaming on the big screen (TV).


When compared with its predecessor, the Nexus Q and Chromecast, the Nexus Player should win, considering that it’s more costly and it’s also running Google’s new Android TV platform. But there are some users who experience some pretty disturbing issues, both in terms of hardware and the software.

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Google Nexus Player Common Problems

As the first Android TV console, some features might not work flawlessly and most users called it as bugs/issues. Here are some common Nexus Player problems observed by some users.

Common problem nexus player


Wi-Fi connection dropping.

The Wi-Fi dropped after a few days, it would stop steaming and tell us that it could not find the server. Most likely, the Wi-Fi problems are related to software issues, because some people who utilize an ethernet cable also having the exact Wi-Fi problems. A software update from Asus is the only hope in order to overcome this issue.

Issue with Netflix, unable to play this title.

This problem often takes place once you change the DNS settings on the Nexus Player or on the router, but some are still having problems even though they aren’t making any changes. This problem can be found when opening the Netflix app, a popup window will show up, it says “We are currently Unable to play this title. Please try again later or watch something else”.

Based on user feedback, there’s only one solution to overcome this problem by simply sign out and then sign in again, or might be give it a reboot.

Audio is dropping every few seconds.

When playing a video on the Nexus player, the audio will cut out for about a second or two, this problem quite often with Plex app, and although rarely, it’s also experienced when playing video on YouTube or Hulu. Some people say this is a hardware-related issue, but hopefully it’s not.

We hope a firmware update could solve this problem, while waiting you can try to factory reset, it’s useful as a temporary solution.


In addition to the common Google Nexus Player troubles above, there are still some issues experienced by a minority of users, which likely arise due to incorrect settings, such as Unable to detect and pair Bluetooth devices, the recommended solution is to hard reset.


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