DROID 4 problems after Jelly Bean update and possible fix

Verizon Wireless and Motorola finally grants Jelly Bean update for Droid 4 with software version 98.72.18.XT894, this is most awaited update since every user wants a latest Android OS running on their device. As we know Jelly Bean update brings significant changes, such as Google Now, Voice Search, New notification design, Smart Keyboard and much more.


In addition to Android 4.1, this latest OTA update also brings several enhancements such as much better voice and data connectivity, enhanced connectivity and reliability of backup assistant and voice mail, boosted Mobile Hotspot Data connectivity, etc.

However, many users were disappointed with the latest Droid 4 update since they’re experiencing some problems on their devices after receiving and installing the JB OTA, and some even want to restore their device to the previous ICS firmware (Android 4.0).

droid 4 jelly bean ota problem

Image Credit: Verizon/Motorola

Here are some of the problems as a result of the latest Jelly Bean OTA update for DROID 4 that we from VZW Community site, but you need to know that not all users experiencing all the problems below, there are only one or two issues you have, but some others might be don’t experience any problem whatsoever.

  1. Unable connect to WiFi network and the signal getting poor. WiFi problem is not only experienced by DROID 4, but others devices with Android 4.1 also experience this issue when trying to connect to unsupported router. Here are a few router models that unsupported by JB update:
    • Actiontec GT724-WG
    • Actiontec GT701-WG
    • Lynksys WRTP54G
    • Motorola Netopia 3347-02
    • Netgear DG834GT
    • Netgear DG934G (Sky Version)
    • Siemens Gigaset SE567
    • Westell 327W Versalink

    So if you have one of the above router, seems you have to replace with another, or perhaps your internet provider can replace it for you.

  2. Device will not boot and stuck on bootscreen for hours.
  3. Device randomly reset itself.
  4. Some keys on the Qwerty keyboard doesn’t work, such as the Shift button.
  5. Phone jack died, there’s a user notice that he can’t hear any sound through earpiece. But this is a rare case.
  6. Apps related issues, such as no sticky note widget, unable to set ringtones, email or gallery apps freeze, etc.


Listed above are some DROID 4 on Jelly Bean issues we are able to gather. I personally will wait until Verizon rollout a new update to solve this problem, but you could also try factory reset, may be it could resolve the drawback.


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