How to install and configure ADB on Windows PC

Android Debug Bridge or commonly known as ADB is a command line needed to communicate with Android OS either installed on the phone or emulator. Since is command line application, we need to run it through command prompt (cmd.exe) in Windows. Installing ADB is a prerequisite if you desire to mod your devices. Android SDK needs Development Environment so you have to install the Java Development Kit (JDK) if it does not exist in your PC, get the installer here and download for Windows OS.


Installing Android SDK
You can install adb by first downloading the Android SDK here and then put the file anywhere on your PC hard disk. On this guide, the path located at D:\Android\android-sdk. Run by double click SDK Manager.exe, after new window opens select Tools>Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform-tools, then to the Extras folder and select the Google USB Driver if you have a device which released by Google such as Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 7. More detail show up in the image below.

SDK Path Variable Settings in Windows
After downloading all the SDK’s necessary files, now we have to set up the systems properties in order to let Windows know the location of the SDK. In Windows 7 right-click the computer icon on the desktop and select Properties>Advanced system settings>Advanced tab>click the Environment Variables>System variables in the field looking for the path variable and click Edit button, and then put the following line (depends on where you instal Android SDK) :



Installing Device Drivers
This is the most easy step, you only need to download PC Sync application from your your device’s official website. Once the device driver is properly installed then you will be able to see it in the Device Manager window as shown below, on this guide we use a HTC smartphone.

ADB testing
Now it’s time to try whether ADB is properly installed or not, just open the Windows command prompt or CMD (windows + run type in cmd), cmd window will appear, then follow the steps below:

When it shown your device serial number in the “List of devices attached”, you’re ready to go.


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